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Tactical Flashlight


This high quality product combines a powerful heavy-duty flashlight with a digital camera and audio-video recorder. The M-II FlashCam also includes a patented IR night vision system and can be used to capture still pictures and video in almost total darkness.


The M-II FlashCam has many advanced features including:


The M-II FlashCam is a powerful 180 lumens LED flashlight. You can adjust the intensity of the flashlight to suit your own needs and you can use the IR (infrared) function to capture still pictures or video footage in darkness.

Digital Still Cam:

The M-II FlashCam includes a 3 MegaPixel digital still camera, Pictures are stored in the 1GB internal memory. Pictures can be transferred to a host PC using the USB interface. You can also take pictures in darkness using the IR function. Digital images are stored as JPEG files.

Digital Video Camera:

The M-II FlashCam includes a digital video camera. Video is stored in the 1 GB internal memory. Videos can be transferred to a host PC using the USB interface. You can also take videos in darkness using the IR interface. Videos are stored as MPEG (asf) files in either VGA format ( 10-12 fps ) or CIF format (25-30fps).

Auto-download software:

Use the supplied software to manage the digital images and videos captured using the M-II FlashCam. Download files from the M-II FlashCam securely and quickly to your host computer using the USB interface.



Hi-resolution CMOS 3 megapixel color video camera system

1.5-inch LTPS color display screen (502x240 resolution)

Condensor Microphone

One GB internal SD card Memory

Video Recording:

-Low Quality: 107 minutes of video capture at 320x240 pixels / 25~30 fps

-High Quality: 100 minutes of video capture at 640 x 480 pixels / 10 ~ 12 fps

Still image capture: 2744 images at 2048 x 1536 pixels

Download images or video to laptop, PC, incar DVR or VCR instantly

Record and document field contacts, arrests, apprehensions, interviesm crimescene, searches, traffic accident investigations, vehicle inventories, vehicle and truck inspections, cell checks, search warrent inventories, domestic and family law cases, child protection cases, and more

Switches to covert night vision mode at the touch of a button

Covertly document nighttime investigation, arrests, etc

Powerful 880 nanometer IR illumination for complete covert viewing

operates in complete darkness

Lens: 8.47mm lens focal length

54.8° field of view angle

Unbreakable white LEDs with 50,000 hours operating life

Rechargeable battery with three hours continuous operation rechargeable up to 1000 times

3.64 lb with battery pack

18.5 inches long

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