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Online Store

Online Store

Touch Keypad Burglar Alarm System



1 control panel

1 wireless PIR sensor

1 wireless door sensor

1 power adapter

2 remote control

1 wired siren

1 User manual


Defense Zones:

99 wireless zone+4wired zone


Wireless Frequency:

433MHz (Default)/315MHz


Wireless Receive Distance:

300-500M in open area


Model No:



Product details:

1. Touch Panel with TFT color display, built in Siren, 5 levels voice volume adjustable, ease of use.

2. 99 wireless defense zones, each wireless zones can be defined as one of the 8 zone types Normal/ Stay/ Intelligent/ Emergency/ Closed/ Senior Help/ Welcome/ Chime

3. Up to 4 sets arm/ disarm schedule function by zone/ day/ time

4. Telephone (phone) long-distance control for arming, disarming, monitoring and speaking.

5. 6 groups voice alarm phone number for alert calling

6. Support 10 seconds ISD automatic voice mailbox for playback message upon alert.

7. 1 group of NO relay signal output,closed when alarm,remote control electrical appliances in 1000w

8. Wireless intelligent study coding, compatible with PT2262 normal encoding and a 1527 encoding

9. Maximum support 150 remote control and 150 detectors.

10. Unique black box features, display recent 72 disarmed records and 102 recent alarm recording.

11. Compatible with the international alarm networking protocol CONTACT ID.

12. Android/IOS App remote control and Set alarm system

13. SMS message notify the arming/disarming status, auto dial preset number for alert calling

14. Built-in high capacity rechargeable battery, automatically switch upon power failure.

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