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Online Store

4Ch 12VDC 5A Power Supply



1. Wall type baking finished shell ,Delicate appearance, easy installation

2. Universal AC input range: 96-264VAC.

3. 4-channel individual tube fuse, fuse automatically while short circuit, over current,

overload happen to one channel, and keep whole power supply system work properly.

4. Configured with backup battery interface and battery charging/ discharging function,

ensure continuous power supply with battery in case of power cut off.

5.External LED indicator for each channel output.

6.Built-in EMI wave fileter,100% full load burn-in test

7.Cooling by free air convection

8.All using 105 ℃ long life electrolytic capacitors

9.All using world famous brand new components

10.High efficiency, long service life, high reliability

11.Operating temperature:-30℃~70℃(40 ℃ 100% full load burn-in test, 70℃ 70%

full load burn-in test)

12. Warranty period: 2 years



Input Voltage: AC96~264HZ

Output Current: 12V 5A

Output total Power: 60W

4 Channels

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