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Online Store

Online Store

Bank/Box Office/Window Intercom Kits


Package includes:
1) 1 x Master station
2) 1 x Substation
3) 1 x DC12V adaptor
4) 1 x User Manual

Functions and Features:

1. Hands free two-way talkback full automaticity


2. Micro computer control circuit with squelch function can thoroughly solve echo and squeal problems.


3. Adopt high-powered mic, elegant appearance, voice is lifelike, clear; the volume of master station and substation can be adjusted separately by oneself


4. Easy installation, there is only one wire for connecting master station and substation.


5. Have output for recording, can connect record equipment external.


6. Widely use at any window internal/external intercom, the place which difficult to talk.


7. Designed for noisy places, especially the ticket windows.


8. Fully automatic one-to-one bidirectional intercommunication; no key-pressing is needed; the appearance is black.




Technical Specs:
Working voltage: DC12V
Working current: ≤300mA
Work environment term: -10°C~60°C
Size of Master Station: 130x110x38
Size of Substation: ¢70x18

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