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In Store & Website Return policy

There is a 30 Day Warranty in house for all Items.

(Warranty does not cover the expense of removal or reinstallation of products or any damage or injury to property or persons resulting from the removal or reinstallation of products)

All manufacture warranties must be handled through the manufacture so please fill out and mail any warranty cards enclosed with items. Any items returning must be in original packaging. Any item may be subject a 20% restocking fee.

No Returns will be accepted after 30 Days even with receipt!

Lightning and most power surges are not covered by warranty! We strongly suggest purchasing a good surge protector to protect your equipment! They are sensitive electronics and very susceptible to power fluctuations and surges.

(Familiarize yourself with your equipment. Double check connections before hookup and check voltages going to all devices. Failure to do so may result in damage to equipment which will not be covered by warranty. Just 1 second of incorrect voltage can do severe damage to your equipment.)

We highly suggest hiring a qualified technician for installation of most equipment. If an installer is hired, we recommend asking any and all questions you may have BEFORE THE INSTALL so your technician can be prepared and there are no surprises for you or your installer. Be sure to check credentials and qualifications of your installer. Dkstuf is not responsible for and does not cover damaged caused during installation.

If you have any further questions on our policy, feel free to contact us

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